Proper use of the Mereneid Range of products

The aim of our product training is to introduce you to the latest Mereneid Range of products and to train beauty service personnel to use the Mereneid Range of products correctly.

During product training, we highlight the best features of our products, show you how to use the products skillfully, and who could be the target audience for a particular product. The course lasts up to 4 hours. Our product training is free. As part of product training, we offer a discount percentage on our products in order to purchase products of interest at a lower price.

Product Training is held consistently in the classroom of our Mereneid Training Center in Vilmsi 29, Tallinn, as well as in the accredited Mereneid Trainers’ study rooms (Tartu, Pärnu).

In addition, we organize Product Training in different counties and cities. The student does not need a model for Product Training.

Invite us for a visit:

We will also be conducting Product Training upon an invitation at the salon premises, provided that at least 5 people are in attendance. We agree in advance on the product groups of interest.

Pre-registration is required: or phone: +372 601 5952.

NB: Product Training is only about product promotion and not about teaching different technologies.