Why Choose Mereneid Training?

  • The Mereneid Training Center curriculum is registered in the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS).
  • OÜ Salong Mereneid is a cooperation partner of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund training card.
  • A person who has participated in the training can apply for an income tax refund pursuant to § 26 of the Code of Enforcement Procedure.
  • We have been providing professional training on a regular basis since 2003.
  • The teaching is based on the curriculum we have developed, in which we have complied with the Republic of Estonia Professional Standards for Nail Technicians Level 3 and Level 4 and the resulting qualification requirements, plus our rich experience.
  • A curriculum based on professional standards is a great advantage in passing the professional examination and obtaining a professional certificate.
  • The training organized by the Mereneid Training Center focuses on practical skills, with the aim that the student who receives the certificate issued by the Mereneid Training Center offers high-quality beauty services without compromising the health of the client or themselves, all within a reasonable time for salon service.
  • In the course of the training, we will make future beauty workers aware of all the many different seemingly extraneous aspects – workplace hygiene, ventilation, customer consultation, agreement, and prevention of occupational diseases – that the success of their work will depend on. Not forgetting the basic knowledge of communication or elementary courtesy that are an integral part of customer service.
  • The Mereneid Training Center provides all the materials and tools for contact classes of the basic training.
  • Our students will be helped during the training and later by the Mereneid YouTube channel that is being improved on an ongoing basis, as well as by the FB group Mereneid Product Support.
  • If there is a desire to learn, but no material resources are available, then our cooperation with Liisi Hire-Purchase will come to your assistance.

Our training has fulfilled its purpose when our students, and future colleagues, perceive the nail technician specialty as an exciting and ongoing process of self-improvement. We are proud when our students dare to take part in competitions and hold a professional certificate.

NB! Mereneid training is intended for people residing in Estonia.