The procedure for filing complaints about electrical equipment

  1. A private person (a person acting for purposes other than related to his or her economic or professional activities) has the right to file complaints within 24 months after the receipt of a product. For legal persons, the warranty period established by the manufacturer will apply.
  2. The basis for filing complaints is proof of purchase and a paper-completed device error description form. If such documents are not available, Mereneid Trading OÜ may refuse to process the complaint.
  3. The right to file complaints will not extend to losses incurred during transportation after the delivery of the product to the buyer. If the packaging of the product has been damaged during transport, the damages must be laid down in a report immediately and the contents of the package must be checked for damages. If the contents of the package have also been damaged, a complaint should be filed to the shipping company that delivered the product.
  4. If a product has been sold to a private person, then in the case of a defect occurring during the first year of use, it is assumed that the defect was present at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract, and the nature of the defect must be established by Mereneid Trading OÜ by involving the manufacturer’s experts.
  5. A complaint regarding a defect must be filed within two months of the discovery of the defect. Upon expiry of this period, the user will lose the right to request repairs or replacement.
  6. If a complaint is filed, the costs relating to the repairs or replacement of the product in the first year after the return of the product to Mereneid Trading OÜ will be borne by Mereneid Trading OÜ. In the following year, Mereneid Trading OÜ will bear the costs only if the complaint was justified.
  7. Mereneid Trading OÜ will not eliminate any defects appearing during the time limit for filing complaints free of charge if the defects are caused by:
  8. normal wear and tear;
  9. incorrect use or maintenance (including if the equipment has been opened, repaired or serviced by a person not authorised by the manufacturer);
  10. defects notified by Mereneid Trading OÜ to the customer before the equipment is purchased;
  11. external factors. External factors include non-compliant electrical voltage, voltage fluctuations, moisture, liquids, mechanical damage, dropping the product, etc.;
  12. the product does not work by fault of the owner, e.g. as a result of incorrect operation, due to failure to comply with the instructions for use, or if the defects are caused by the negligent maintenance or storage of the product;
  13. repair of defects deemed insignificant for the use of the equipment (defects that do not disturb the normal operation and use of the equipment);
  14. if the customer uses the product for commercial purposes;
  15. the repairs of a product carried out during the warranty period will extend only the warranty period of the parts replaced to eliminate the defect, but will not extend the warranty period of the entire product or restart the warranty period;
  16. should it appear during the work that a defect is not covered by the warranty, Mereneid Trading OÜ will suspend the repairs and notify the customer of the fact as soon as possible, and of the expected cost of the elimination of the defect. If the customer does not wish to order further repairs of the equipment, Mereneid Trading OÜ will have the right to issue an invoice to the customer for the expenses incurred so far.

PLEASE NOTE! All equipment in need of repairs must be cleaned beforehand. Mereneid Trading OÜ reserves the right to not accept equipment which has not been cleaned or issue an invoice of EUR 30 for the cleaning services.

Where to bring the device?

The complete device must be brought together with the completed error description form to the Mereneid store at the address: Tähesaju tee 9, 13917 Tallinn or sent to the Itella/Smartpost parcel machine at Tähesaju Selver in Tallinn (Tähesaju tee 1, 13917 Tallinn). Mark Mereneid Trading OÜ as the recipient of the package, e-mail: and telephone: +372 56789 399.

Handling fee

Mereneid Trading OÜ has the right to add to the customer’s invoice a handling fee of EUR 30 if the product turns out to be in working order or if the customer does not order paid repairs, except in the case specified in § 218(2) of the Law of Obligations Act.

PLEASE NOTE! Product handling fees do not include delivery costs.