Callusan cream mousses


Nowadays cream mousse has become fashionable in many cosmetic fields. 19 years ago Greppmayr GmbH was a pioneer in the development of this particular type of application.

During a laborious production process high quality substances are amalgamated into an oil in water emulsion which produces a mousse.

Callusan is characterised by its simple and comfortable application. The delicate cream mousse is absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving a residue. An unpleasant greasy film is a thing of the past.

Callusan’s innovative aerosol technology also has many advantages with regard to sustainability. The filled cans have an air-tight seal, which protects them from contamination, enabling us to preserving substances to a minimum.


  • The fine, light and airy mousse is quickly and completely absorbed.
  • No unpleasant greasy film remains on the skin after application.
  • Stockings (also compression and support stockings) and shoes can be put on without waiting time.
  • The skin pores are not clogged, natural skin functions are preserved.
  • Pleasantly subtle scent. The non-perfumed urea mousse are completely odourless.
  • Since a small amount per application is sufficient, Callusan mousses are very efficient and economical.
  • All types have been dermatologically tested.


  1. Release the spray nozzle by pushing it forward.
  2. Shake can well before use. To release cream mousse, hold the can with the nozzle pointing downwards.
  3. Apply a walnut size amount on the affected skin twice a day.

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