Staleks – Pediküüri lihvkettad plastik komplekt M – 180 grit (5 tk)


  • NB! Lühike jalg – 27 mm, ei sobi kasutamiseks tolmuimejaga varustatud pediküüri seadmetes / elektriviilides.
  • the unique angle of inclination design
  • provides better processing of lateral nail folds and rounded parts of the foot
  • more visibility during the work with toes and blind spots of the foot
  • very lightweight and easy to use
  • improves hygiene and safety of the procedure due to the use of disposable files
  • allows you to decrease the time of the pedicure
  • provides better processing of the foot skin
  • can be disinfected with special products and cold sterilized in a special solution
  • resistant to moisture, bacteria, and microorganisms, does not corrode
  • IMPORTANT! Do not process with high temperatures

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