About us


With its wide range of products, the Mereneid online store is a shopping environment for nail technicians. In addition to selling products, we assemble know-how in the field of manicure and pedicure and pass it on to both professional nail technicians and hobbyists – anyone who needs advice on the proper care of nails, hands, and feet.

The aim of our product range is to offer quality in every price range. Both the more expensive and the cheaper product must meet the expectations and needs of our customers.

For professionals, we offer bulk quantities inexpensively as well as a loyalty program that supports their work both within Estonia and abroad.

The range of products in the Mereneid online store is constantly being updated and enhanced as innovative materials and techniques adapted to the work of nail technicians are constantly being further developed and produced.

When making a selection from new developments, we are based on three directions important for us because we want to:

  • simplify the inspiring but the not easy work of nail technicians,
  • protect the health of nail technicians and clients more effectively, and
  • reduce the amount of consumer packaging associated with this work. The reuse of packaging materials and the introduction of bulk packaging are the first steps towards more sustainable management.

Given the frontier-free trade within the European single market and the need for Mereneid customers to purchase products conveniently and quickly, Mereneid has contributed to building a high-quality, customer-friendly online store.
We provide our customers with high-quality images of the online store, comprehensive product descriptions, expert and fast customer service.

We deliver within Estonia free of charge in cases of purchases starting from 50 EUR, shipping abroad is free of charge in cases of purchases starting from 150 EUR.

Upon receipt of payment, the ordered goods will be issued on a workday within 24 hours.

Our representative store is located in Tallinn Tähesaju tee 9, where you can check out and test all the products right on the spot and get advice from customer service professionals who are practicing nail technicians.

We communicate with our clients in Estonian, Russian, English, and Finnish.